About Us

A bit about Tila...

I've always loved candles. The home is your place, your haven, where you find solace. And I believe candles can add that extra warmth and really help make a house a home. Because of this, Tila was born (pronounced 'Tee-lah'). I love being a candle maker. It calms me. And with every order I make, it is personal and special to me. My pricing is humble because I know that sometimes, life can be hard and we all deserve something special, even if it is as simple as a candle

'Tila' is my Shangri-la. My peaceful place. At a dark time in my life, I was singing a song that I believed to be 'Ohh Tilaaa' (it wasn't) and I instantly loved the name. Listening to the song itself gave me a sense of hope, enthusiasm and drive, ultimately leading me to rebrand and start again

A bit about me...

I used to be into blacks, greys and whites but after my daughter was welcomed to the world, she softened me. Almost immediately, I loved browns, creams and all things natural. I now love simplicity and things that are matching. I now love pretty and rustic. The arrival of my daughter literally changed me as a person

My favourite thing to do is to physically laugh out loud, I am addicted to researching, I love learning and my favourite song is 'Get Free' by Major Lazer, because no matter what mood I'm in, listening to that song makes me feel better.

I am lucky beyond what I deserve. I have two amazing daughters who make me proud everyday and I have a husband who makes me laugh and who literally takes my breath away on a daily basis

I'm a workaholic and a perfectionist and this just makes pouring my heart and soul into each of my products so much easier for me. It warms my heart hearing the feedback from my beautiful customers, knowing that I have made their day that little bit better. If I've made your day, I'd love to hear about it

Justine x